What does PVC stand for?

Polyvinyl Chloride

How is the PVC material used to fabricate Lasting Details items different than the material used for siding or other vinyl goods like car seats?

Its cellular structure. We use extruded cellular PVC sheets that have a cellular structure similar to wood. This makes the material able to be cut, planed, routered, sanded, glued, and finished much like a wood board.

Why then, is it better than a wood product?

Because the material does not absorb moisture like wood does. So Lasting Details products will not swell, shrink, rot, or twist from exposure to moisture. For this reason, it also holds a painted finish many times longer than painted or stained wood. Cellular PVC also will not burn easily and is considered a fire resistant material.

Okay, then why is it better than a plastic product?

Because Lasting Details products look and feel like wood.

What is the difference between the Lasting Details shutters and the plastic shutters commonly available from home improvement stores?

The shutters that are mass produced and sold at home improvement stores are usually injection molded or vacuum formed. They are therefore, typically hollow in the back or have hollow spaces in much of the item, making them lighter and more flimsy. The Lasting Details shutters are completely solid. They have the same density and weight as custom made wood shutters.

We want a product similar to a Lasting Details piece but a different style. What are our options?

We love to make custom pieces! Please contact us and we will do our best to duplicate the style you want.

Do I have to paint a Lasting Details PVC product?

No, but you can. The product will come with a white finish that is okay to leave as it is. However, most of our customers like to paint their pieces. Use an exterior latex vinyl paint approved for use with PVC. The finish that we put on before we send out the product makes a fine primer for the correct paint.

Are Lasting Details products recyclable?

Yes, absolutely. The vinyl product that we use is 100% recyclable and actually has a small portion of previously recycled product in the material. Lasting Details also believes that if we make a product that won’t rot or decay, it helps the environment by not having to be replaced during the life of a home or building.

All products are completed in our Lansing, Michigan shop.